1. Carcosa

    Bluboo Picasso 4G...

    Hey all! ...hope you are doing well. Bit of a random one but gotta give it a shot! I have a Bluboo Picasso 4G phone and would simply like to know if anyone can tell me where I can source a replacement battery for the thing!...the obvious and usual suspects have drawn a fat ziltch at the moment...
  2. W

    Convert CCTV Camera from Battery to Mains using original Charger

    Evening, I have been installing cctv, namely Lorex brand. The cameras run of rechargeable 18650 batteries and i would like to know if i can with some help, convert to using the original charging plug to keep constant power to one of the cameras. Reason being, due to location of one...
  3. W

    Convert CCTV Camera from Battery to mains

    wrong area, please remove, have posted in correct section
  4. M

    Radio code for NIssan Micra C+C

    Since having new battery fitted yesterday, I need to input code - which I don't have. I read that the relevant numbers may be on a label inside glove box, and I have found the following - not sure if any of these are serial numbers - can you help please? K127003653 88FED99EDAF1 19095357
  5. C

    Radio Code 2000 Chrysler Voyager

    Please help radio code Part No. P04859504AB-A Date Code 0339 S/N TQ1 AA 033938807 supplier 17719A