best box

  1. C

    Upgrade from zGemma H5.2TC

    Guys I am planning to upgrade from H5-2TC Can anyone recommend anything better than H5-2TC? I am looking for: 1) Combo box with omething a cable feed (For Normal Channels) and satellite feed (For FTA Channels). 2) Something that can allow recording another channel while watching different...
  2. G

    Switching to IPTV , what box should i buy?

    Hi all , i am gonna move over to IPTV following the well publicised problems with satboxes at the moment. What box for IPTV do you recommend people get and why ? Thanks for any help ! Cheers
  3. BeardedKing

    Advice on what cable box to buy

    Hi All, I currently have a Vu+ Solo2 but want to upgrade to a cable box as I want HD channels. This box runs at lightning speed so I'm looking for a similar box that is for cable. The Vu+ Duo 2 is waaaaaaay too expensive so does anyone have any tips on what to go for? I don't want a...
  4. G

    Help Please!!!

    Evening all, currently have skyQ and Sky BB, but completely sick of being ripped off by the robbing Barstewards. I am in the process of switching to Plusnet for Fibre BB but looking for an affordable replacement for Sky. I am looking for some advice on the following: Best box to buy for...