Help Please!!!


Evening all, currently have skyQ and Sky BB, but completely sick of being ripped off by the robbing Barstewards.

I am in the process of switching to Plusnet for Fibre BB but looking for an affordable replacement for Sky.

I am looking for some advice on the following:

  • Best box to buy for around the £150ish mark.
  • Do boxes usually come with wifi adapter built in or do you need a dongle?
  • Do they usually have a built in hard drive, or do you have to but an external usb drive?
  • How user friendly are the different boxes? Are they as easy to use, record and play back as Sky boxes etc.
  • Can anyone recommend a reliable server?

Many thanks to all, I am utterly clueless when it comes to this tech.


Sorry to be the bearer of bad news but if you have sky Q your dish needs work before you spend any money on a box. Sky Q has a different LNB on the dish so you need that sorting first then explore your box options

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i would hang on a bit first, people having trouble with sat channels at the moment, it looks like s** are trialing a different encryption set up on some channels and it could lead to all channels being completely blocked.
nobody knows for sure whats going to happen its just a matter of wait and see


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If you're getting a new broadband provider virgin is a better shout of you can get it


Cheers all.

Can't get Virgin in our area yet unfortunately. The cables were laid over a year ago, but they still have to install a new cabinet apparently?

If I was to buy a cheap openbox just now, would I be able to get Free to air channels or does the SkyQ Dish Prevent this as well?

We don't have an outside aeriel to get normal Freeview, as they are ridiculously banned in West Lothian region.


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Yeah SkyQ LNBs only work with their receivers. Give it a few weeks as we're likely to know more - if more channels start to disappear, likelihood is it's game over.