1. Kuul Media

    4000 Series BUZZTV FIRMWARE UPDATES - 4000 Series

    This is BETA ONLY not official release until it gets approved after testing NEW XR + XRS 4000 Beta Update. April 15th, 2020 Firmware Version: V20200415 Buzz 4 App Version: 4.0.442 You must have Firmware Version - V20191210 install in order to install this update. If you’re not running...
  2. dsayers2014

    Dsayers Picon updater

    Dsayers Picons Updater 1.0 Plugin to download and run scripts to download Ocram's light on transparent picons from my GitHub branch and places them in hdd (100x60 picons) and hdd/SkyQ (220x132 picons) Download from here: Dsayers Picon Updater...
  3. Buckham_uk

    Gran Turismo SPORT closed beta

    Register for the closed BETA <here> Just got my code today so heck emails. Hefty 13+gig file but I'm hoping for good things. Really looking forward to what's needed to get this licence which is recognised by the FIA too!!