Gran Turismo SPORT closed beta


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Register for the closed BETA <here>

Just got my code today so heck emails. Hefty 13+gig file but I'm hoping for good things. Really looking forward to what's needed to get this licence which is recognised by the FIA too!!
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Races starting today at 15:00est

If anyone is bothered about searching for live streams twitch/YouTube etc. Or just for anyone with the beta who hasn't checked. If I can get online I'll be playing and doing a livestream myself. Will post the name etc if I get round to it
Yes @londonfox no date yet just 2017 but they're doing races today to test server load and throughout the week weekend. Super excited tho! Ps4's been out 3+ years now and I've had GT withdrawals :(
One of the best racing games on ps, but i do like drive club on ps4 have you played that game? How did you become a tester for gt ?
Added the link to the thread title*

Yes I have driveclub . There was a post in PlayStation forums about it just had to register. I'll find the link and paste it here. They've said if there isn't enough people on or not enough load on servers they'll send out extra invites
That looks nice. How you getting on with it any niggles? I really want the t500rs but could get a VR instead for that money
it's very nice mate and for the price you can't go wrong and coz it's from argos if anything go's wrong with it just take it back, as for the VR waiting for one to come up for £100 ;-)
Just been getting this trying to join race