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black screen

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    Loading portal gives black screen...

    My 'friend' has two portals on a Mag254. One loads perfectly. The other, from a trusted and used before, third party, when selected, just gives a totally black screen when loading, and no more. The third party at their end can see a 'connection'. It used to work, the URL is a new one, but...
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    Channels black except 1-5

    hi woke up today to all channels not clearing except 1-5 . If this happens normally a restart fixes it. Have done that and a router reset and still all black waiting on a reply from my provider. Any ideas what it could be my internet and boxes seem fine as there still running my iptv. Any help...
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    Black screen on all pay for channels

    Woek up this morning to a black screen on all my vermin channels has anyone got this? Done the usual reboots and rescans and router reboot Nothings has solved it. If anyone knows anything or is having the same issue can you let me know thanks
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    Channels not clearing...

    Using zgemma H2H with VM line. I've had this problem once before where channels stop clearing only BBC1 - Channel 5 work. The rest just show a black screen. Sometimes on the front of the box i see -00- displayed. When it first happened i contacted my provider, they confirmed everything was ok...