1. S

    Mag-322 Better alternative to MAG box?

    Hi everyone, I was just about to buy a MAG322 off bay with 12 month sub. But after reading about the blocking I am not sure. Is there a better alternative? The seller also had a TVIP Sbox 501 which he recommended but i cant find much info on this. ISP is vermin. Thanks
  2. SnowManUK

    Setup your own OpenVPN Server for using IPTV

    Hello All, I have created a PDF guide (attached to this post) that will walk you through setting up your VPS, installing OpenVPN, creating config files, uploading to E2 box and running the VPN. It should take around 30 mins to 1 hour, depending on your skill level. I use Vultr (Referal Link...
  3. BoNzY

    Xtream blocked by sly?

    i think sly is starting to block xtream :( a mates box has just stopped connecting to the server, at his house its stuck on validate screen. took it to my house to try and it worked straight away, so first thoughts was shield, but was already off on his.... then i remebered i had a line on my...