boot fail

  1. vicflange

    Cable H7C Booting Issue

    Got message Openatv image out of date need to flash box, so downloaded latest Openatv, formatted USB and tried to flash box. Sometimes it skips by the flash and goes straight into boot, when I can get it to flash and boot, it stops on either 49 or 00. I have tried several USB sticks and various...
  2. frundlemud

    Boot Loop Zgemma H2S

    Was going well updated to woosh 7 then changed skin did not like too much liniker reboot to change skin, then problem 'encountered a software problem and will reboot'. and reboot and reboot. My knowledge is not good I have reformatted my rear Cruiser 64g to fat 32. Is there a way out of this...
  3. allrounder55

    Bad problem with Acer Aspire V5 wont boot from usb stick in UEFI mode

    This is driving me mad. Ive tried everything theres no dvd drive as its a netbook. It will not boot from a usb drive in uefi mode. The screen scrambles when the stick put in a usb port. Or it just stays on the acer logo. Things ive done already: Used Rufus created in fat32 and ntfs under gpt...
  4. D

    Where can I JTAG my Zgemma h2s?

    Mods please delete if not allowed... After exstensive diagnosis and attempted fixes I have come to the conclusion that my zgemma box needs JTAGing. So does anyone recommend a place? Happy to accept a PM. I have tried numerous flash pens that I know work but can I get this box to boot up...
  5. G

    ET8500 QUAD TUNER freezing on xtrend logo

    Hi there everyone ive just turned my box on (xtrend et8500) and its frozen on the xtrend logo. Ive tried unplugging and turning on to no avail. Can anybody help me with resolving this issue. Thanks Guys.
  6. Z

    VM not loading

    Had my box for zgemma h2h for 12 months and worked perfectly. New sub couple of weeks ago and then last couple of days nothing :( checked all connection cables setting etc and everything seems fine. Attempted to reflash but wont work and seems to be still booting up. finds all channels when...
  7. N

    Help to fix R01 - No CA Found error after image flashed

    Hi, bit of a novice here so hoping someone can help get y box up and running... My box - DM800HD SE Sim A8P - had an old OpenPli 4.0 image running OK, however since the whole lockdown on sly stuff it was basically running as a freesat box. So in an attempt to get some IPTV functionality I...
  8. B

    Zgemma H2S boot issue 14.09.17

    Hi all, I apologise right now as I'm not tech savvy so please bear with me while I'm trying to explain. Yesterday I tried to update my Zgemma box and now it is stuck in boot with the red light showing. This morning I have downloaded a new base build provided by wooshbuild from the links at...