boot loop

  1. A

    WooshBuild Vu+ zero with OpenATV 7 and Whooshbuild

    Hello Today I tried to update my vuzero to the latest OpenATV 7 (it was still running 6.3) and used the online update from the menu. Everything went well and it rebooted into OATV7. I then connected via terminal and issued the command to install wooshbuild, which was successful. The box rebooted...
  2. egt1

    ipad mini2 will not boot up

    Hi My ipad shows apple logo then immediately goes black. I can see no charging icon or anything and cannot get it to power up Anyone got a solution
  3. A

    Technomate Nano-SE M2 Plus - Bricked?

    Hi, removed some plugins for Open ATV and restarted my receiver and got stuck in a boot loop - 50% - 99% then back to 50% on the status bar - repeat consistently. Played around with some Enigma 2 settings file (via Putty) now I cant get past the first splash screen - no status bar, nothing...