Technomate Nano-SE M2 Plus - Bricked?

removed some plugins for Open ATV and restarted my receiver and got stuck in a boot loop - 50% - 99% then back to 50% on the status bar - repeat consistently.
Played around with some Enigma 2 settings file (via Putty) now I cant get past the first splash screen - no status bar, nothing happening.
Can't get into the box via Putty and no status bar only a static Open ATV splash screen.

Tried to load a new image but nothing is being recognised via USB - tried 3 different USB sticks and different images but it just shows the Open ATV splash screen and no boot menu or options to load new image.

Is my box completely bricked or is there a way to recover this?

As always, any advice much appreciated.



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Managed to flash Open Vix, but for the life of me cannot get Open ATV back on - guess time to try out Open Vix.

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Managed to flash Open Vix, but for the life of me cannot get Open ATV back on - guess time to try out Open Vix.
It's the same as putting OpenVIX.

  1. Download the correct image for your box
  2. Put that into the root of the USB
  3. Make sure the box is fully turned off. (Deep standby on the remote, then use the on/off rocker at the back to turn it off)
  4. Insert USB at the back of the box
  5. Turn the box on
  6. Press power button when indicated to do so on your TV screen.
  7. It should flash.
  8. You'll see it's completed and tells you to remove your USB and turn the box off.
  9. Turn it on........ and now your on whatever image you downloaded.


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Cheers guys, got it sorted in the end - my fault, had the wrong image for Open ATV (did not have the "Plus" image", although I thought I had - thus why it would not recognise it on the USB).

As I started with Open ATV, I know my way around this and how to configure. Spent a lot of time changing EPG, Boutiques, Skin settings etc. so familiar with this now.
Vix would be a new learning curve, not against it but just need time to compare the 2.

Just have to remember not to remove any plugins that come with the base image ... my fault for playing around whilst having a few beers (doh! - that will learn me) ....

Cheers for the replies, much appreciated!