1. Blizzard17

    Wooshbuild IPTV Bouquet Maker - Help Please

    Hello I am looking for help on how to access the expert settings on the IPTV Bouquet Maker looking to change the TV stream Regards
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  3. Blizzard17

    Help with Whooshbuild Bouquet

    Hello Currently having issues with my Zgemma H2S box, i have formatted the box twice, installed latest software and run all checks to get IPTV running..All OK Tonight i switch the box on and all the bouquets have gone missing, this isn't the first time its happened...So i ran E-Channelizer to...
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  6. W

    XtreamTV Channel Bouquet

    Hi guys, just trying to find some information about accessing the IPTV channels through the normal bouquet listings instead of having to go through XtreamTV. Is it possible to do this or do I have to download a plugin etc. I do have a copy of the file which was sent by the supplier would i be...
  7. S

    Bouquets issue

    I hope someone can help. I have added channels to the International bouquet yesterday and today when i have checked they have disappeared. Any ideas on how to keep these channles on there? I have the grogbuild set up
  8. Evil1

    Bouquet to m3u converter

    I was looking for a bouquet to m3u converter (without success), so I wrote one. I did however find plenty of m3u to bouquet converters. Screenshots of the bouquet(s) before and after, if anyone has any interest in this, let me know and I will upload it. I wrote this to allow me to move...