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Bouquet to m3u converter


I was looking for a bouquet to m3u converter (without success), so I wrote one.

I did however find plenty of m3u to bouquet converters.

Screenshots of the bouquet(s) before and after, if anyone has any interest in this, let me know and I will upload it.

bouquet-m3u-b4.jpg bouquet-m3u-after.jpg
bouquet-m3u-b4-2.jpg bouquet-m3u-after-2.jpg b-to-m3u-app.jpg

I wrote this to allow me to move my IPTV lines in Enigma bouquet format to Plex and DVBLINK for IPTV.
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Thanks for the program. it converts the file fine but I can not play it in VLC on my pc. I know the links are working as I can view on enigma box. any change sahring the source code?