box office

  1. H

    Joshua v Ruiz 2

    Does anyone know if there is any FTA on motorised for the fight or will it be IPTV stream only?
  2. S

    ZGemma sports not working

    Hi, my first post so please go easy. I have a zgemma box in the UK, only basic channels currently working so no sky sports or BT sports, I tried to get a trial sorted for IPTV, the guy via remote attempted to do this via putty. However he said on the root my box has a password which I need to...
  3. CJ1988

    BT Sports Box Office

    Hi does anyone know if the Canelo vs GGG fight will be on cable.
  4. 8valia

    Boxing fight on Sunday morning INSTRUCTIONS

    Press "Fav" or favourites Press "red" for all Scroll to the channel PPV Slate or Prime Events or Sky Events. Sky Events and Prime Events can also be found in the red button section If the channel does not exist around about the time when the programme is about to start(12am or then at...
  5. W

    Is vm shutting down cardsharing

    Hi all just looking for a bit info on vm card sharing, will it be going the same way as sky and going off? Also heard that from now on all ppv on vm card share will not be shown as the have blocked it is this true? thanks
  6. djsx

    box office on star H1

    hi all i have a zgemma star H1 on VM side ive done a channel rescan but still no box office i have ipab image i cant find box office can someone please help thanks djsx
  7. D

    Sky box office not working

    hi My sky box office previews are not working.. just a black screen.. I am wondering if there is a fix for this? Or will there be a fix for 29th April for the AJKlitschko fight.. any fixes/advice will be greatly appreciated.
  8. W

    Box office

    Hi has box office gone for good on the sky lines? Also any idea when the ssn and sky sports 4 will be back or if they will? What going on with the sky thing is it going to all go soon? Thanks for any advice newish to this and worried my box may become useless
  9. W

    Sky box office

    Hi my sky box office never cleared on my virgin tuner on sunday for wrestlemania was wondering if its a one off or have virgin managed to block the box office events ? Would like to know for the boxing end of the month my sub always has the ppv. Ut even he doesnt know what happened
  10. B

    SSBO On Cable Boxes

    Hi all Does anyone know if sky box office is back working yet on cable boxes?. Im looking to get a cable box but heard that box office is down and encryption might have changed? Thanks
  11. thebulls

    Red Button not working

    Hi all the red button section on the open vix latest version isnt working shows the ppv but nothing else all channels are fine on vm and miraclebox twin plus but the box office also isnt working on mag 250 any ideas thanks in advance