SSBO On Cable Boxes

Blood Bazza

Hi all

Does anyone know if sky box office is back working yet on cable boxes?.
Im looking to get a cable box but heard that box office is down and encryption might have changed?



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Reports last weekend that it went black 90mins into the wrestling we won't no for 100% unless someone confirms it never went black or wait till end of April for boxing


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I've had it confirmed that the whole of the WWE was available to watch on cable last week and that there was some kind of an issue with the runs the following day. The boxing at the end of the month will be available as long as your provider books it, although if VM only allow using the Tivo Box method to book the fight this could obviously lead to some disappointment. Fingers crossed ;)

Blood Bazza

Yeah i was just wondering as i heard the wrestling went off last weekend and heard that was due to VM changing encryption?


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You will get a blank screen until an event is broadcast, so nobody
can say if there is a problem until the boxing is due to come on at the end on the month.

There hasn't been any issues on cable so far.