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    Hi guys looking for help. have a few subs and been getting issues. When a big match is on or soccer aid for example. Totally unwatchable. Flick a vpn on and its fine. My main sub doesnt except vpns. So looking to figure it what causes it. I use a formuler so i can see rhe buffer bars are empty...
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    I have 2 formuler boxes z7+ and z8+ i have both boxes set up with m3u and the login for both my subs. I get a lot of freezing during football on both on mytvonline but they both are fine on smarters any ideas?
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    Satellite IPTV Channel Issues Help!

    I have a Zgemma H7s running Wooshbuild Infinity. I have it hardwired into my fibre network running 65-70mbps consistently. I have both Freesat and an IPTV service set up on the box and most channels work but I have a number of issues that after a month of trying and researching, I cannot find a...