Satellite IPTV Channel Issues Help!


I have a Zgemma H7s running Wooshbuild Infinity. I have it hardwired into my fibre network running 65-70mbps consistently. I have both Freesat and an IPTV service set up on the box and most channels work but I have a number of issues that after a month of trying and researching, I cannot find a fix for! I run the IPTV through Xtream Editor and use the chabs SlyQ skin. I have spoken to my provider too who is stuck and say they aren't too experienced in zgemma so do not know how to help fix the issues below.

Channel Issues:
- USA Regional Channels do not work on zgemma and just show blank channels. If I switch the zgemma off but try the same channels on my tablet via GSE or firestick2 however the channels work fine so there is an issue within the box for this I cannot fix.

- A few channels, and only a few from my iptv service seem to permanently play up on zgemma but again run fine on all other devices. Say I switch to a live popular NFLchannel, the audio is about 50 to 60 seconds behind the visual picture and the live TV picture is very stuttering and jumpy as if someone is permanently hitting play and pause!

- Recording.... I have a 64gb flash mounted however if I try to video say a 3hr American football game it will always record around 40 to 56 minutes and then fail. Sometimes it doesn't even record past a few minutes but it seems to be a consistent issue that again I cannot fix. It works fine recording freesat though, and I make sure I do record it stays on a freesat channel to record IPTV so I am unsure what the issue is.

I have tried cache flush which doesn't seem to clear much from the cache leaving the box permanently running at 20% to 15% free space in the Cache. I have tried a hard reboot using the on off button on the back of the box and that has not worked. I have also tried resyncing the xtream line and that hasn't done anything else.

So I am now here begging for help!