cable tuner

  1. P

    Cable tuner as fta

    i was looking into buying a zgemma with 1 sat tuner and 1 cable tuner.Been told a few times that it possible to use some cable tuners with a fta aerial by changing software settings. I was wondering because i wanted to get irish channels on box that arnt available through sat tuner.My main...
  2. Armpit1UK

    E2 quad, or triple tuner box wanted

    Good Morning all, I'm looking to replace my ageing Technomate TM2T and would like to upgrade if possible to a triple, or quad tuner. It must have at least 2x sat and 1x cable tuner (pref not USB) and must be capable of running IPTV plugins. Would take with, or without HDD. Ethernet and/or wifi...
  3. R

    Audio Description zgemma - star

    I seem to have audio description on some of my channels. How can you switch this off?
  4. Q

    H2H Tuning Fail Error

    I switched my box on today and no channels were working! I tried to do a scan to get the "tuning failed fatal". I then went onto signal finder to find that no virgin signal is being found/fed in. I tried using a different cable but still nothing. This doesn't make any sense as the virgin feed...
  5. J

    **BOUGHT** Wanted Hybrid DVB-C Cable Tuner for vu+ Duo2

    Wanted Hybrid Single DVB-C Cable Tuner for vu+ Duo2 Can anyone help? Hi folks, as per title, have you got a single or double kicking around? Thanks.