1. stuss

    What Sunglasses do you wear,

    With Summer at last arriving, what shades do you wear, in the Car, Beach, Cycling or Garden. Post a pic
  2. rs500nutter

    Ford mondeo 2.0tdci mk4 diesel

    Looking to buy one of these for the upcoming winter etc. Any members on here happen to own one that could give me some pointers on what to look for and any common faults to look out for etc never had a diesel car i'm a pure petrol head cheers :thumbsup::thumbsup:
  3. N

    Help to convert .TS to suitable file for car headrest DVD player

    Recently purchased a DVD player for the car head rest. It takes a SD & USB card and is supposed to play video files. I have a Linux satellite receiver and have downloaded some video files in .TS format. I’ve tried to convert these .TS files to .MP4 & .AVI, MPEG-TS, MPEG-1 but these still do...
  4. U

    Chrysler Radio TT

    Hi All, please I need your help in getting the code of my Jeep Chrysler Radio: Part NO: 05064954AC Supplier: 26777L Issue 1 Date Code: 0280 SN: TT1AA0280Y4995 hope you can help thanks Regards
  5. A

    Chrysler Radio code

    Hi there, i need please your help in getting the code of my Jeep Chrysler Radio: PID:05064191AG Supplier: 56401B Issue 1 Date Code:1727 SN:T H1 AA 172 7 J 6260 issue caused by Battery change. hope you can help thanks in advance Regards Ahmed
  6. M

    Merc engine turns over but wont run

    i had a code for this p0102/p0103 which indicated possible mass air flow sensor. i changed the MAF then like an idiot deleted the codes. now i have no codes showing but the car still wont run. it starts, turns over but that's it. :oops: i'm now thinking fuel pump/fuel filter? any other...
  7. ste

    This was fun...

    My missus had a crash in her car on Tuesday - only a low speed collision with a wall but it hasn't half made a mess of the car. I had to buy a donor car and swap parts over because the insurance would have just wrote it off no question. This is what the front end looked like after I'd took all...
  8. T

    Nissan Micra radio code needed please

    Hi there. Father in law needs a radio code since battery replacement. Radio number is CL0816 9 0105123 Nissan part number is 28185 BG10A MODEL NO is PP-3001M-B HOPE someone can help please. Thanks
  9. K

    Help. Radio code renault megane 2005

    Hi I need a code please. Got a second hand car, can't start the radio. Serial number : 8200483757T X121 - security Hope this is enough Thank you x
  10. systemlord

    Citroen Picasso 22RC290/35

    Hi, can someone tell me if I'll need a code for when I put this in my Picasso and what it is please. Numbers on sticker are: T0A199 PROD NO: FD0501490073572 VDO RD3-00 VDACLF10073572 REF CITROEN: 96 443 209 7700 VDL0073572 Thanks in advance.
  11. M

    I'm for the radio code for 08 Renault Megane. 8200 607 918T E797

    8200 607 918T E797