This was fun...


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My missus had a crash in her car on Tuesday - only a low speed collision with a wall but it hasn't half made a mess of the car. I had to buy a donor car and swap parts over because the insurance would have just wrote it off no question.

This is what the front end looked like after I'd took all the damaged parts off:


Unfortunately, because of the stupid placement of the passenger airbag - when it exploded, it ruins the dashboard and at the same time, shatters the windscreen so I had to change dashboard too.


Just waiting for AutoGlass to come out now to change windscreen then it will be back on the road by Tuesday - 1 week turnaround isn't bad at all :)

amazon mike

F**k me mate my missus has crashed my car twice in a month and I thought it was bad. Was nearly taking her off the insurance until I remembered I'd no one to pick me up from the golf course after a few lol
1 was a low speed hit with a pillar in a car park and ruined the wing.
As long as the girls are fine the car now becomes a lovely little project to do

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