card sharing

  1. Jenson_Button

    SS Sports HD Only

    This Thread is for SS Sports HD Only, if any other channel doesn’t work do not reply to this thread. Channels affected: SkySports Main Event HD SkySports PL HD SkySports Football HD SkySports Cricket HD SkySports Golf HD SkySports F1 HD SkySports Action HD SkySports Arena HD Have you done...
  2. S

    IPTV supplementing cardsharing

    Is it possible to run both iptv and ordinary cardsharing e.g. mgcamd on the same openvix box. I have a capped internet and would go over my limit if i went full iptv. I would use the IPTV only for the missing channels .e.g sky sports
  3. W

    Is vm shutting down cardsharing

    Hi all just looking for a bit info on vm card sharing, will it be going the same way as sky and going off? Also heard that from now on all ppv on vm card share will not be shown as the have blocked it is this true? thanks
  4. pieeater2015

    DVB-C Stb working with SH 3

    Could any members tell me what box they are using with the SH 3 and the Dvb-c tuner, What will not cause the hub to crash after 1 min,I bought a freesat v8 golden for my dad only because he has had the f3 for years, and the easy use for his age of 88,(trying to explain how to ftp config files...
  5. D

    VM Setup for Galway, Ireland

    I've got a quad tuner (2xDVB-S + 2xDVB-C) running openvix. It's been rock solid for 3 years. I've got VM broadband but not TV service. I'm thinking about trying out Virgin Media on the box. Does anyone have a setup/instructions I can follow?