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cccam 2.3.0

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    Wooshbuild, CCcam and cline setup

    Hi I previously had ViX on my box but I switched to Wooshbuild as it looks great and is so easy to setup. Sadly, I now cannot get my Cline working so perhaps there is a slight change or tweak I have missed. This is for Satellite and as I say it is only for horse racing Racing TV as I refuse to...
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    need help Zgemma H2S stopped working on crypted channels

    Hello all please help. My provider is useless .. I have a zgemma H2S, I am using Cable Virgin Media. I always had a freeze on some channels. Some wouldnt even work at all. After reading a bit I had the impression the internet line could be the reason. So I have plugged a WIFI dongle and I was...
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    2nd line not showing up

    Hi, I'm on latest openvix. I have an N line for cable which works fine. I'm tryin to add a second N line for satellite but it's not showing up when I go into Softcam - > Cccam info - > Servers. I've tried rearranging them but no change. Even if the server was down, I'd expect to see it in...
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    Zgemma Star 2S Newcamd.list file missing on Wooshbuild Install

    I am a newbie at this so pardon my ignorance. My provider had me mucking about a bit and so I decide to install a new build to see if my freezing issues got sorted. I tried to FTP in to back up my files, but none of the default settings worked. I finally gave up and noted down the CWS lines...
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    OpenATV Softcam Feed Universal_2.0_all_(2017) 2017-09-17

    Installing the softcam menu FTP to temp folder, then install local extension Menu>setup>software management>install local extension>Memory/temp>the file your trying to install should be there, make sure you tick the box and install it.