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  1. A

    Android Looking for Android phone under £250

    Hi, Looking for some advice as I'm looking to get a new phone as my samsung S4 is now getting clunky. I've been looking at the XiaoMi Mi5 64GB for £200. Just wondering if anyone else out there have any recommendations? Thanks in advance Matt
  2. D

    Duplicate post, sorry.

    Duplicate post, sorry.
  3. D

    Changing IPTV provider (Smart IPTV)

    I obtained a sub for IPTV earlier this week just to try it out really and run it through Smart IPTV on a FireTV. The problem is that the provider's service is a bit crap. The channels that are on there work mostly, including the HD ones, but there are no channel groups, some channels are...
  4. H

    Mag254 with 123Movies

    Hi Is it possible to set up 123Movies or others like the way they are in the IPTV section of the Zgemma I have the live set up but would like to be able to watch boxsets and movies like I do on the Zgemma Thanks
  5. donna!

    How to change the Channel over

    I have managed to set my zgemma so that I can watch it upstairs in My bedroom does anyone know a way of changing over the Channels? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk