Changing IPTV provider (Smart IPTV)


I obtained a sub for IPTV earlier this week just to try it out really and run it through Smart IPTV on a FireTV. The problem is that the provider's service is a bit crap. The channels that are on there work mostly, including the HD ones, but there are no channel groups, some channels are mislabeled or are missing EPG data, and most of the channels are foreign. Only the most popular UK channels seem to be included (Atlantic HD, Sly 1, Sports etc). For that reason I've mostly been watching US channels on it since I got it.

If I wanted to change to a more expensive and better provider then how would I do that? I had to give my current sub provider the MAC from Smart IPTV and immediately the channel list appeared when they activated it at their end. Would I need to ask them to deactivate it before I can change to a different sub or would just giving the MAC to another provider be enough?