1. Prim@l

    HUAWEI Mobile Wifi E5573B Unlock code?

    Hi, I have a Mi-Fi dongle locked to 02 and would like to unlock it. Does anyone have a code generator that can send me the code if I send the full IMEI, info, etc please? I've checked on google - plenty info related to 'free unlock' but thats all guides - you still need a code. Not a member of...
  2. J

    ET 8000 HD A few questions

    I have a few questions that i am hoping you guys can answer. So i purchased an xtrend 8000 receiver for my parents room to have some light viewing. The issue is that the ethernet cable that was going to provide the internet to the receiver is now going to be used for my new virgin media HUB to...
  3. T

    connection from router and from wall box

    Hi, I have currently got virmin connected from the wall box into a zgemma h52tc via a splitter. I get the channels via a wireless dongle, as wired will be difficult (router on first floor) and its been working fine. I have a new box on the first floor, and would like to connect to a new box...
  4. C

    TP-LINK Wifi adapter issues

    I have recently bought a TP-Link WiFi USB Adapter. The model is TL-WN823N V2 The usb has a WPS button on it and I can’t for the life of me get it recognised on my Zgemma box to then connect to WiFi. Any help is greatly appreciated.