HUAWEI Mobile Wifi E5573B Unlock code?

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I have a Mi-Fi dongle locked to 02 and would like to unlock it. Does anyone have a code generator that can send me the code if I send the full IMEI, info, etc please?

I've checked on google - plenty info related to 'free unlock' but thats all guides - you still need a code. Not a member of any other specialist forum and don't fancy signing up just for the code so if anyone is a member elsewhere and can reach out for me - it would be appreciated :)


Model: E5573Bs - 322
Locked to: 02
IMEI: ****************

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There is a tutotial on YouTube for a free solution which involves opening the device but I opted to pay £2 for a unlock code off eBay and its now unlocked.

YT video if anyone ever needs it: