1. dsayers2014

    DVB-C HD Channels frozen but sound playing in background [VU+ Uno 4k]

    Hi I have noticed a strange issues this morning on my VU+ Uno 4k running OpenViX 5.1.032. HD channels are frozen picture but sound is playing in background SD channels are fine. I have tried manual scan to see if its a frequency issue but its still the same and ive also tried NIT_analyser.py...
  2. A

    ET8500 QUAD TUNER can you use 4x DVB C/T?

    hey guys recently got this box from WOS with 2 DVB C/T tuners as part of the deal. i know this box supports 4 tuners in total can these all be the same as id like to add 2 more DVB C/T tuners once ive got the spare dosh. or can you only have 2 of each, ive tried searching google but i just keep...
  3. Luffy

    Cable interference to my satellite only channels

    Hey, I recently picked up a "Technomate TM-Nano-SE M2 PLUS". Through these last 5 days, I've been experiencing issues with my satellite only channels (my box has a single DVB-S and Twin DVB-C tuner). Everytime I try and watch a satellite only channel, the picture becomes distorted. However the...
  4. Sundteck Tk

    Sundteck Tk

  5. M

    Using H.2S as a combo

    Hi guys, need some help with my Zgemma. I currently have a H.2S. Having looked around this forum, I see people have managed to get a combo going on with this box to use both sly and Virmin lines. My questions are, is it worth me getting a tuner that allows me to use both C and S? Which one...
  6. R

    New Vu+ Uno 4k user, please help!

    Hi, Ive just set up my new Uno 4k box, however its a cable tuner and ive had Sat tuners for years. After struggling with getting my head round Oscam, ive got one more issue with not getting all the channels scanned (mainly Sd, some Hd) saying tune failed. Could anyone suggest what i could of...
  7. S

    Can someone please recommend a VM cable box with a Tuner?

    I've had Zgemma H.2h and the cable tuner is pretty poor on that - so I basically need a box that has a solid tuner. Any recommendations?
  8. J

    open atv epg woes

    just loaded up a new combo box technomate nano combo its all working but when i press epg when on dvbc tuner its showing the epg for the sat tuner what have i done wrong thanks in advance because its a technomate box is it right that when i push sat then blue button for fav it only shows the...
  9. P

    ET 8000 HD ET-8000 - cable set up

    Hi guys, I am waiting for cable to be installed at our house and am checking what I need! I have an ET8000 with 1 DVB-S tuner currently with sly line. What do i need to be able to get cable up and running? I got an Xtrend DVB-C/T2 Plug and Play tuner for ET8000 and ET10000 from W-O-S in the sale...
  10. BeardedKing

    VM Cable Queries

    Hey All, I'm hoping to move from Sat to VM cable within the coming weeks however I have a few questions which I hope you lovely people can answer :) 1) I have a single line coming into the house which is currently running into my router. What splitter will I need to get? 2) I will be...
  11. D

    Virgin Media - Galway, Republic of Ireland

    I'm considering getting VM setup at home and was wondering about using my Gigablue Quad+ which has 2xDVB-C tuners installed. I've hit a couple of issues. I don't see Galway in the AMB list. I see Dublin and Waterford1 and Waterford2 but all 3 of these don't work for me. I've also tried a full...
  12. D

    VM Setup for Galway, Ireland

    I've got a quad tuner (2xDVB-S + 2xDVB-C) running openvix. It's been rock solid for 3 years. I've got VM broadband but not TV service. I'm thinking about trying out Virgin Media on the box. Does anyone have a setup/instructions I can follow?