New Vu+ Uno 4k user, please help!



Ive just set up my new Uno 4k box, however its a cable tuner and ive had Sat tuners for years. After struggling with getting my head round Oscam, ive got one more issue with not getting all the channels scanned (mainly Sd, some Hd) saying tune failed.

Could anyone suggest what i could of done wrong or had a similar problem as ive searched through forums but im unable to find anything.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Yeah i am. Is this the reason why?

What way is the best to get all channels? im a bit confused with frequency, modulation ect....
garyth is correct. You just need set the correct net ID in ABM. Make sure you change swap channels to yes. Ignore all the frequency etc in the other menu. leave them as they are.
when you goto service searching and tuner config and click ok on the tuner what options are there?
All the tuners from A - H. when i click on tuner A i have the following, Configuration mode, then Network ID, Then Used service scan type and Provider to scan.
Leave Tuner config menu alone for now. Just go to menu/setup/service searching/autobouquetsmaker. Choose providers. Choose virgin (UK). select your area ID. Swap channels to yes.
Thats how ive got it setup at the minute. Only thing i can think of is the only area on there that is close to me is Gateshead but im in Tyne and Wear and thats what my Say box was always set to. Thanks for trying to help me sort this, its driving me mad. Ha!
Dont know what going on but i dont have these numbers. Ive got 41048 Manchester 3, 41060 Manchester 1 and 41066 Macnchester 2.
Still the same unfortunately. Ive checked and Gateshead 40969 is correct for my area so that rules that out. Do you's think getting "tune failed" on a lot of channels could be down to my Oscam setup?