1. H

    Can anyone give me channel numbers with its DVB-T/T2 frequencies?

    Hi all, I'm trying to get hold of the DTT (Digital Terrestrial Television) DVB-T & T2 Channel numbers along with its frequencies in MHz. I have uploaded SAORVIEW guide for Ireland to give you guys an idea of what i'm looking for (Please refer to the last page of the guide). I really need the...
  2. A

    ET8500 QUAD TUNER can you use 4x DVB C/T?

    hey guys recently got this box from WOS with 2 DVB C/T tuners as part of the deal. i know this box supports 4 tuners in total can these all be the same as id like to add 2 more DVB C/T tuners once ive got the spare dosh. or can you only have 2 of each, ive tried searching google but i just keep...
  3. D

    VM Setup for Galway, Ireland

    I've got a quad tuner (2xDVB-S + 2xDVB-C) running openvix. It's been rock solid for 3 years. I've got VM broadband but not TV service. I'm thinking about trying out Virgin Media on the box. Does anyone have a setup/instructions I can follow?
  4. geoffsnook

    Broadband test

    Hi is there any way to tell if your virgin line is still active thanks in advance
  5. mtpockets

    Add an extra tuner to your box for less than £6

    OK some good news as a result of the Kernel updates that have been buggering up everyone's boxes ;) when they update their existing builds. The support for the DVB-T (Freeview) RTL2832 USB stick has been fixed in latest kernel updates ... So for any of you that have a cheap dvb-t stick with...