1. M

    Newbie question regarding E-Channelizer

    Hereby a very newbie question, so please forgive me. Can you use E-Channelizer in combination with a Formular Z10 Pro box? All information about E-Channelizer I found so far on the internet is rather brief. It's still nog clear to my if can or cannot use E-Channelizer to manage groups and...
  2. M

    International EPG

    Hi, Currently I have 2 different IPTV subscriptions that I run on a Zgemma h2s. Both are setup to use Xtream Editor but I only setup the one subscription to use Xtream and add the 2nd subscription by downloading the m3u channel list and adding them manually to a backup bouquet via...
  3. renegade3103

    Xtreme Bouquets and EPG

    Hi. I'm using the Xtreme plugin and my supplier has created custom bouquets. I can click a link that they sent and rearrange the order of the bouquets but I also have my Sat dish cable connected and it's generating a lot of other bouquets. I'm trying to use E-Channelizer to create a bouquet...