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Currently I have 2 different IPTV subscriptions that I run on a Zgemma h2s. Both are setup to use Xtream Editor but I only setup the one subscription to use Xtream and add the 2nd subscription by downloading the m3u channel list and adding them manually to a backup bouquet via E-Channelizer. I recently updated the Xtream Editor and started using the Picons and EPG info it receives from the subs server and then I copy the stream references to the backup channels to give them the same EPG and Picons on E-Channelizer.

It's taken me a few months to finally get a system and layout I like and now Im starting to put the final touches on to make it perfect. My trouble is my Subscriptions have International channels (mainly for the football but some USA entertainment channels too) and what I want to add EPG info for all these foreign channels. I know that it is possible as I have EPG info for 4 or 5 channels like NBCSprts and Fox Sprts but i just have no idea on where to start if I want to give other channels a EPG. Ideally I'd like to just put something in the channel reference on E-Channelizer but I get the feeling its not going to be that simple. I have read people downloading xml channel lists and manually updating them every week. Im not that committed to do that. I just want something automatic and simple.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.



Firstly, I would forget using e-channeliser... Everytime there are updates to the channels, you will need to manually edit the channel list...

Easiest method of getting foreign languages, is to use With this, you can sort the channels in to an order you want, remove channels, add epg to channels, etc etc...


Thanks for the response, I have just tried this and everything seems to look great. Thanks for the suggestion. I was just wondering what the difference is between xtream editor and xtream codes?

On another note, I still have a couple of streams that don’t have a supported epg, is there a way of requesting or adding the epg myself? it’s mainly fx sprt Asia and LeSport for PL games. Also as I have 2 subscriptions with 2 diffent logins on the same server, is there any way of mass changing the URLs to
A different login. Don’t really want to re-enter 600 different streams for the sake of changing 2 words in a URL.



TK Veteran
Yea get a XML editor it will have a replace feature

Copy what you want to replace and type in what you want it replaced with

You will need to change the end of it your self mind as it will be different for every channel