1. S

    E2iStream Install?

    I recently got a zgemma h9.2s and installed wooshbuild but the E2iStream player in it won't work anything I go to watch says not found. It says it running the 2019 version and feel that's the issue but need to update it maybe?
  2. zgemmah2s

    E2iStream [new name for E2iPlayer!!?] Download now. Updated regularly by new developer :)

    yes it's called E2iStream. Download the IPK and install it. it installs over the E2iPlayer if you already have it. Same thing just different name.. enjoy. READ THESE NOTES BEFORE YOU GO AHEAD; @BeakyFord The plugin works fine on ATV 6.2 but will NOT work with ATV 6.3 at the moment...
  3. D

    iStream (e2iplayer replacement) 2019.

    Uninstall e2iplayer and deps (if installed), restart device, install and restart again before opening for the first time. mostly english at the minute but more to come. This is a development by e2istream (@codermik) and tsiplayer (@rgysoft) more info on the istream fb page enjoy! Note: not...