1. Ferret.

    Plugins e2m3u2bouquet Latest e2m3u2bouquet 1.0.69 (Mod Dorik1972)

  2. claktv

    Enigma2 IPTV auto-reconnect

    Hello all, wondering if there’s any solution to this. Using OpenATV, every so often I get kicked from my IPTV server due to an unchangeable setting on my supplier’s XC panel. It usually happens after around 2 hours, giving me a black screen in which I have to channel up/down to reconnect. Using...
  3. S

    Suls Config File Generator

    I have a beta of a config generating bash file for SULS IPTV https://github.com/stingray82/e2m3u2bouquet-tools https://raw.githubusercontent.com/stingray82/e2m3u2bouquet-tools/master/e2m3u-Config-Setup.sh Details are below, comments and suggestions welcome e2m3u2bouquet config generator...
  4. P

    Help with E2m3u2bouquet 0.7.4

    On zgemma H7c. I create a basic provider entry in E2m3u2bouquet on the box. Then edit the config file using Filezilla/notepad++ to connect to the box. Every time the provider is deleted on the zgemma. The config file is still on there. I tried editing the file on the box on Filezilla and also...