Suls Config File Generator

I have a beta of a config generating bash file for SULS IPTV

Details are below, comments and suggestions welcome
e2m3u2bouquet config generator (V0.01)
A helpful script for people who use a single provider or are testing channel lists and using suls will ask questions on the following and generate the appropriate config file

  • Username
  • Password
  • Domain & Port (I.e
  • IPTV Player type i.e (1, 4097, 5001, 5002)
  • VOD Player type i.e (1, 4097, 5001, 5002)
Run the script - Run in Terminal or Putty
wget '' -O '/var/volatile/tmp/' && chmod 777 /var/volatile/tmp/ && sed -i 's/\r$//' /var/volatile/tmp/ && /var/volatile/tmp/

Answer the questions and it will generate your config file