1. Prim@l

    10% off eBay - selected sellers - Use code JANSAVINGS22

    10% off selected sellers! | eBay. Save 10% - Use code JANSAVINGS22 Hopefully the above link takes you to the page. Using the search criteria, you can search for qualifying products. Use code JANSAVINGS22 @ checkout
  2. Prim@l

    Nvidia Shield TV Pro 4K Media Streaming Device 16GB / Nvidia Shield TV 4K Media Device 8 GB bargain

    Prime Day prices - don't think you will get it cheaper anywhere for for new?! Nvidia Shield TV PRO 4K Media Streaming Device - 16 GB £170.05 with code PROMOFIVE Nvidia Shield TV 4K Media Streaming Device - 8 GB - £122.55 with code PROMOFIVE Source: Nvidia Shield TV Pro 4K Media Streaming...
  3. christara

    Ebay advice needed

    Hi,a folk Looking for any advice on my situation. I sold an item on ebay and delivery of the item reached the person on the date 23rd of november 2020. (Tracking provided that info?) Now after some time the buyer as posted saying its not working (When I know it was) and filed a refund on the 7...
  4. HiTecK

    Red Dead Redemption 2 (PS4) £31.99 via eBay

    Red Dead Redemption 2 (PS4) £31.99 via eBay £40+ everywhere else. http://bit.ly/2TCYDrN See more on our Facebook Page https://www.facebook.com/TecKings.org/
  5. A

    Help!!! Is this a good gaming laptop? ASUS ROG Strix

    Hi All, I am looking at buying a gaming laptop but was looking to buy second hand to get a better deal. Please can you advise if the laptop below is good and if it is worth £900 if I bid? Or can you advise me of an alternative. Mainly going to play, COD, FIFA, Battlefields...