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    My uncle bought a new Lenova computer with windows 11 on, last year. He uses outlook as his email. It is now saying that onedrive is full and can't receive or send any emails. He didn't set one drive up so not sure how his photos etc have went there. How can he free up space so he can access...
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    Outlook email advice please - sent items not being shown on different devices ?

    Hi all, So in short when i use office365 on outlook i am not seeing sent messages between my work pc and phone device. i am logged in on same account with outlook but can i hell figure out why the data is not being shared?
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    Cant Setup Outlook 2010

    Hi, The hard drive in my father in laws PC recently died on him so I had to install a new one. Due to this I had to reinstall Windows 7 and then get the PC back to how he previously had it. Not an easy task as he has no idea about computers and struggles to explain how he had things initially...