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epg glitch issue non population

  1. al dae it pal


    Hi there av got a wee problem where some epg isn't populating . Cable Sub . Here is what av selected in epg importer . Here is a wee picture that might help its more channels than the photo shows . Cheers .
  2. allrounder55

    Problem with XMLTV

    Hello all , just to let you know there is a problem with the xmltv server, epgs that are linked to it arent populating my provider informed me this has affected a lot of suppliers, hopefully it will be resolved soon.
  3. M

    Zgemma H2H EPG Population Glitch?

    Apologies and please if this answer can be found elsewhere. I have searched and could not find another post detailing a similar issue. I have a zgemma h2h that has a problem with fully populating the EPG. On the EPG page most results are not showing. However if you go to the channel...