1. rpidemon

    Guide Enigma 2 IPTV Setup Guide

    INTRODUCTION A guide to help people setting up IPTV and movie viewing on new or none working Enigma 2 device. A lot of people seem to be having bother getting things running smoothly when it comes to IPTV weather it be on here or elsewhere there are plenty of complaints and unhappy users, people...
  2. D

    Lost EPG refresh on H2H box

    Since last weekend - have been using EPG import for the IPTV EPG and cross EPG for FTA/Normal EPG. EPG importer updates IPTV normally. Cross EPG only updates the FTA channels - anything Skye related are not updated. Tryed forcing it but same effect Any ideas anyone please?
  3. grog68

    Autobouquetsmaker and EPGImport not working - solution

    Note: these instructions are based on ATV 6.1 There have been numerous posts about epg's not updating and/or some channels not working (not to do with netid 12 on cable issue). Hopefully if there is a thread posting the resolution we won't see so many threads being started/hijacked with these...