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  1. joe516

  2. G

    Best options for Euro TV - motorised? Opening channels on Enigma2?

    Hi all Just moved house and looking to install a motorised dish. Watch a lot of Euro TV and radio for my work: music/arts/culture etc. Previous house had 3 LNBs covering Hotbird, Astra 1 and Astra 2 - quad cable/diseq feeding Freesat BDR/HDD and Technomate TM-7102T, patched to open, for...
  3. W

    Looking a motorised dish

    hi guys looking at possibly getting a motorised dish. Have a couple of zgemma boxes will i be able to use with this? Basically looking at the process of how it works what control the motor on the dish. Also where i get a sub to cover the multiple satellites. Can i have more thab ine box running...
  4. A

    euro satellite installation...

    Hi all, First post in a while. Just moved house and I previously had a motorised dish installed to get the euro satellites and had a good sweep of most satellites which I was happy with from 5w to 39e. Wanted to use the same guy to install it all but he has given me a quote far exceeding...
  5. S

    Euro sat on wooshbuild

    so I can still use what I have, ie dish, box and wooshbuild.... If I position my dish to foreign satellites, would the zgemma play the FTA channels on wooshbuild? And paid ones if I got a foreign sub? I see if I press up on wooshbuild, and then yellow, I see different providers. Would these...
  6. the reaper

    DHL--pre brexit

    Ordered from China to be delivered here in Malta--takes our company 4 days from Shenzhen to Mosta normally but now parcel goes China mainland to Hong Kong to Liepzig [Germany] to East Midlands airport [UK] to Heathrow Customs [UK] then Gatwick sorting and finaly to Luqa [Malta] Paid...