EU to limit British TV and film


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Here's a strange report in the Metro:-
The European Union are to drastically decrease the number of British TV programmes and films that are screened across Europe.

It sounds a bit like some sort of dictatorship, I mean, I would've thought the citizens of each of the regions (or member states) of the EU would have the freedom to decide for themselves what
they wish to view.

In the report, I quote "According to an EU document seen by The Guardian, the EU wants to stop referring to British TV and films as ‘European creations’"

If that's the case, I'd ask the EU, when did this tectonic plate movement occur whereupon the British Isles left the European continent?

EU to limit British TV and film as it declares them a threat to ‘cultural diversity’ post-Brexit by the "Metro"​



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I did read Macron, wanted to expel spoken English in the EU. Talk about being 🍋
And where in the name of all that is good would I go??
If you read an actual factual report, then Macron has overlooked a little something, dont you think?


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And where in the name of all that is good would I go??
If you read an actual factual report, then Macron has overlooked a little something, dont you think?
I try to avoid anything Napoleon has to say.. I am still annoyed postage costs have doubled 😆
When you see how aggressive and protectionist the EU's attitude is to the UK, it's little wonder we left. This has always been their attitude towards us, it's just been amplified 10 fold since we left. We're meant to be 'friends' and 'allies' but they're acting like an aggressive bully on the school play ground.

It's sad really. I voted Brexit but it was purely down to the political union, which I couldn't understand the need for. I've always been in favour of free trade and there's absolutely no reason why a political union should be a pre requisite for free trade. Furthermore, freedom of movement wasn't a big issue for me either, although I accept it was for some.

How on earth you can justify this move without purposely instigating (or should I say escalating) a trade war baffles me. The truth is they're scared of us, particularly France due to (mainly) geographics and Germany as the biggest economy. If we succeed in Brexit (being prosperous) they know others may follow suit. So unfortunately, it wasn't just enough to make the Brexit process hell for 3 years, or to screw us over after the trade deal on several issues, they have to keep on in their efforts to see us fail.

With 'friends' like the EU, who needs enemies?


The EU has never liked us but like our money. I hope the United States of Europe soon crumble, they are acting like children throwing their toys out the pram.


I live in Ireland. Macron can take long walk off short pier. We watch UK tv more than Irish native channel which are mostly UK Tv anyway.

Brexit has left a bad set up with UK-Ireland. We speak same language, have same sense of humour , share lots of goods and watch same TV. Brexit feels like u can checkout anytime but never leave...

UK left - big deal, their not some country floating on outskirts of Europe , EU will fail if they try isolate them further