external hdd

  1. cactikid

    ET 8000 HD Red light on front panel

    6.4.02 image on my box and not used for a while but Vu Zero is using it in Client mode. Earlier tonight i noticed red light on front panel and thinking it was recording something but no timers or autotimers seen ? I do have internal and externally powered 1 tb drives and both ext4. Is there...
  2. C

    Cable ZGEMMA H7C Stops recognising HDD

    I am using ZGEMMA H7C running OpenATV Wooshbuild 7. Recently I am running into a constant problem. My H7C suddenly stops recognising external HDD. It automatically changes all recording folders and Mounts from HDD/Media/ to /dev/sda and the Only way is to unmount HDD then re initialise HDD...
  3. M

    Zgemma h3tc Crashing on HDD Playback

    Hi all. For months I’ve had issues when playing back recorded video on an external drive. I’d previously put it down to poor set up but I’ve now reflashed with WooshBuild Infinity, formatted the drive, etc. and I’m still having the same issue. All seems fine with playback until I try to...
  4. S

    Zgemma Wooshbuild external USB HDD not recognised

    hey guys I hope you can help, just recently moved over to the H2S from a VU Duo, and I am having problems setting up the External HDD. the HDD was originally in the VU DUO and worked a treat, now I have had to buy an external caddy to connect the HDD up to the box but for some reason the box...