Zgemma h3tc Crashing on HDD Playback


Hi all.

For months I’ve had issues when playing back recorded video on an external drive. I’d previously put it down to poor set up but I’ve now reflashed with WooshBuild Infinity, formatted the drive, etc. and I’m still having the same issue.

All seems fine with playback until I try to forward or rewind the video then I get a blue screen saying a problem has occurred and has to restart. I should add this is sporadic happening most but not every time.

Enigma logs have apparently been recorded but I’ve no idea where to find these and what I’d be looking for.

Other than the HDD being the issue, can anyone else shed any light on why this is happening please?



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Logs should be in /home/root/logs/

Is the HDD setup as /media/hdd and ideally ext4 R/W?


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Is the HDD mains connected or plugged into the USB port on your box?
Always try and plug into mains as sometimes not enough power to run HDD thru USB and it will cause problems


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Thanks both for the replies.

Thanks Willow, yes it is as media/HDD but I’m unsure as to the EXT4. Honestly I’m not sure what this means. I’m guessing it’s something I’d choose at format like FAT32?

Thanks Gravehead, it’s just connected via usb. There’s no external power socket on the HDD though and only one USB port... how would I connect to a power socket and link to the box at the same time?