1. celticfc

    Laptop fan won't work dell E6510

    HI i have a dell E6510 the prob is when the fan is in the laptop it wont work but if i hook it up to a external power supply it works but when i put in back in laptop is spun for about 3 seconds then stopped does anyone know what the prob. might be i tried speedfan but it doesn't recognize the...
  2. H


    Hi guys just wondering what the value of this pc is please.Both the CPU and GPU have high benchmarks and the 2 monitors are worth £120 each.The seller is asking for £1000 for the lot Thanks
  3. M

    Technomate TM-Nano-SE M2 - hard drive v USB

    Hi I take it that it is possible to record onto a USB drive rather than a HDD I understand that if you install a HDD then you can put the fan on. Does anyone know if you HAVE to use the fan? I am concerned about noise. In my PC I have my HDD inside an enclosure to keep the noise down and it...