Technomate TM-Nano-SE M2 - hard drive v USB



I take it that it is possible to record onto a USB drive rather than a HDD

I understand that if you install a HDD then you can put the fan on. Does anyone know if you HAVE to use the fan? I am concerned about noise.

In my PC I have my HDD inside an enclosure to keep the noise down and it has no fan on it and it had work for over 10 years.

Does the TM need a fan for the hard drive or is it to cool the rest of the machine down?

Finally, can you use the HDD without putting the fan on?


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if a fan is on box i would use it as with a hdd inside temp will rise and a cooler box works better than an overheated one will in the following years.


OK got the Tecnhomate - on the manufacturers software you can set the power of the fan manually

I installed Openvix and cannot find the option anywhere. Any thoughts?

The fan on medium setting is easily noticeable to me. As I have no HDD at the moment I want to keep it off.