1. channelking

    Internet Download Manager

    Any use IDM by any chance? Prefer it to jdownloader Issue just started any link I download I am receiving the following error message. "This version of IDM does not support this type of downloading. Try to update IDM to the latest version" Has anyone come across this and is there a way to...
  2. B

    Recovery Software

    Can anyone point me in the right direction for recovery software .... I accidently put an operating system on a hard drive by accident and I've lost all me photos and basically 10 years of work. .... I'm at the desperate stage now lol .... Any help would be brilliant Barney
  3. J

    How to convert .AAX to MP3

    Hi folks, Looking for something that will convert my .AAX files to MP3. Tried the .aax to mp3 convertor on S...forge. Doesn't work. Thanks in advance.
  4. IMG_0398


    Error on transfer
  5. dsayers2014

    Taking screen shots and uploading attachments to the forum

    Using OpenWebif to take a screenshot 1. Find out the receiver's IP address by pressing/selecting on your remote: Menu > Information > Network 2. Open your web browser on PC. In the address/search bar, input/type the receiver's IP address 3. Click on Grab screenshot 4. Right click on the...
  6. the reaper

    Windows 10 HELP!!!

    I want to load a ts video file to onedrive but it keeps failing--avi etc load but not ts and it's important to load as ts--can anyone please give me a dummies guide---I tried all the so called links for info and followed them but to no avail. Please remember I am blind so nice easy steps...