fire stick

  1. Pacman2D

    Is it still worth purchasing a Mag Box?

    I have been using the Amazon firestick for IPTV for a while now using the iptv providers dedicated apps. While I haven’t found anything bad about it in terms of streaming and the quality, I have always liked the simplicity of the mag box layout and even the look of the StbEmu emulator on a...
  2. C

    Fire stick problems.

    Hi all past month or more been having constant issues with missing channels sound out of sync freezing, my supplier says there’s issues with everyone and has offered me a backup server for extra cost. I’m not paying cheap as it is so just wanna check in with everyone to see if there are issues...
  3. T

    Amazon 4k Fire Stick Ethernet Adaptor

    I need an ethernet adapter for a direct network connection as the WiFi is a little flakey. Anyone advise the best one to get? I've seen cheap one's on eBay for £6 but not sure how good these are? I've also seen the original Amazon one for £15 and a Ugreen one for the same sort of price. I...