1. Prim@l

    Premier League Fixtures 2022 - Amazon Prime

    Stumbled across this and may be of use to those who have Prime. Otherwise the usual listings @Joe516 posts would be the go to :) 1) Do I have to pay extra to watch Premier League on Prime Video? Prime members in the UK (England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland), the Channel Islands and the...
  2. channelking

    EA Sports to break away from football body FIFA

    Pretty big news as EA Sports has been synonymous with the FIFA video game franchise. Fifa: EA Sports to break away from football body
  3. VastGsm

    One Anyone here play FIFA? Ultimate Team?

    Just wondering if any of you are partial to a bit of FIFA if you get a free moment? if so do you play Ultimate team? Here's how my team looks right now, without spending hundreds and thousands I'm pretty much near the peak of how far I can take this team without breaking the bank 😬 Let us know...
  4. H

    IPTV noob

    Hello everybody, I’ve come across this lovely forum like many of you looking to find an alternative route to buying and paying for “sly” or their alternative companies but I need help from any of you willing to help me. I need to know what is the best IPTV box to purchase for someone who wants...
  5. K

    IPTV & I-follow

    Just seen somebody advertising an IPTV sub with access to any I-follow channel. I was led to believe that this isn't possible yet? Is the seller having me on here? or is it now possible to access i-follow with IPTV subs?
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  7. Joe516

    Premier League TV rights: Amazon to show 20 matches a season from 2019-2022

    Amazon will show 20 Premier League matches a season for three years from 2019, after winning one of the final two broadcast packages. The online streaming service has won the rights to show every game from the first round of midweek games in December and all 10 games on Boxing Day as part of...
  8. bazcfc1


    Kodi crackdown will see millions of Champions League fans blocked from watching tonight The Champions League round of 16 gets underway tonight, with a string of English clubs still competing for the trophy A crackdown on top-set box Kodi will see millions of football fans who illegally attempt...
  9. Halopenos

    Dish set up

    I am looking to get a multi LNB set up installed for football and was wondering what are the 3 best sats to choose, I have 28.2e, 16e and what last one should I choose for football? Basically what is the best for premier league, la liga, champions league etc? 19.2?
  10. M

    International EPG

    Hi, Currently I have 2 different IPTV subscriptions that I run on a Zgemma h2s. Both are setup to use Xtream Editor but I only setup the one subscription to use Xtream and add the 2nd subscription by downloading the m3u channel list and adding them manually to a backup bouquet via...
  11. rapture_ni

    Wayne Rooney..slap on wrist or make an example

    What do you guys and gals think should happen to wayne rooney? I live in the real world and realise literally fa will happen to him because of who he is. But if the norm applied would you throw the book at him to set an example that the rich and famous dont get by ball's.?
  12. Capturemmmn;