Formuler Z10 SE 4K UHD Android 10 TV Box 4gb WIFI - £5 Discount Code for TK members

    Formuler Z10 SE 4K UHD Android 10 TV Box 4gb WIFI £5 Discount Code for TK members.. Enter 5TKZ10SE at checkout! Formuler Z10 SE guarantees a state-of-the-art viewing experience, it is the perfect choice at an affordable price when it comes to media viewing. It has the IR Learning TV...

    Formuler Z11 Pro BT1 Bluetooth Edition - £6 Discount Code for TK members

    Formuler Z11 Pro BT1 Bluetooth Edition with GTV-BT1 Remote Control £6 Discount Code for TK members.. Enter 6TKZ11PRO at checkout! FORMULER BT1 EDITION INCLUDE'S BLUETOOTH REMOTE AND PROTECTIVE SILICON REMOTE COVER. Official UK version Formuler Z11 Pro MAX with UK plug and OTA software...
  3. Pacman2D

    Is it possible to sideload a working version of 4K Netflix on the Formuler z11 pro?

    I sideloaded a 4k version of Netflix using downloader but unfortunately it wasn’t compatible when I opened it. There is nothing wrong with the version available in the marketplace but I’m just wondering has anyone managed to get a 4k version that is compatible?
  4. KGH0210

    Formuler box/device running MoL 2

    Hi Anyone selling any formuler box/device running MoL 2
  5. bazcfc1

    Formuler to release new box

    Looks like formuler are going to be releasing a formuler z10 pro max can't wait for this one. Experience Quality Like No Other. Easily watch high-quality content on the big-screen with the all-new Formuler Z10 Pro MAX. 4GB RAM allows you to run the most demanding apps with ease. Contact your...
  6. W


    I have 2 formuler boxes z7+ and z8+ i have both boxes set up with m3u and the login for both my subs. I get a lot of freezing during football on both on mytvonline but they both are fine on smarters any ideas?
  7. W

    Formuler z7+/z8

    Hi guys currently have both boxes in title. I also have two cable boxes. I have the tv tuners for these formuler boxes.I was wondering how i install a softcam to use the box to watch cable? Looking to clear out some space on tv cabinet. Usb tuners can do freeview and cable according to the box
  8. W

    Looking for help

    Hi have an iptv sub with a provider who i have been with for nearly 2 years. I was having issues with an app formuler box and contacted formuler for help as the after an update app wouldnt work i told the guy what they were asking about trialling my m3u which i never supplied them and he has now...
  9. Z

    Formuler Z8 box error, can someone offer a trial to test?

    My IPTV wasn’t working and the box offered to reboot the device. I rebooted the device and reinstalled my tv online 2 from the play store. My IPTV provider is still there but it won’t connect. It says Error check your internet connection and portal url. I don’t know how to fix it. Would...
  10. KGH0210

    Enigma 2 device or Formuler Z8. IPTV only

    Upgrading from my Mag box as want a smoother UI layout. Should i bother with an Engima 2 device as i am only going to be using it for iptv and have heard the formuler z8 has a great mytvonline 2 app. What do people think ?. I like the sly look on engima 2 devices but are they hard to set...
  11. penty2008

    best android device?

    Hi guys, can anyone recommend a good hardwired android box? I’m using stbemu, plex and titanium tv Internet speeds are shocking over vpn with my current firestick with it being wireless, plus it’s struggling to process the demands. I’ve been looking at the formuler and Nvidia shields, any...