1. Prim@l

    Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K (2021) + Google Nest hub 2nd gen = £34.98 - John Lewis members glitch/error

    Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K (2021) + Google Nest hub 2nd gen = £34.98 with code (My John Lewis members) @ John Lewis & Partners Code: GOOGLENEST06 **This is an error, so if you do order please be aware that it maybe cancelled.*** Source: Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K (2021) + Google Nest hub 2nd gen =...
  2. M

    Cable Couple of channels glitching

    There are a couple of channels on my Saorview (Irish Terrestrial) that are very badly glitched on my Zgemma H7. When I remove the tuner cable from the box and insert into TV, the channels are perfect, so it's not a problem with reception I don't think. Is there anything I can do to remedy it...
  3. thegil

    Find your ideal cable provider 2020-04-21

    This may help you find your ideal provider. (Not saying fully correct) but has helped me.
  4. H

    StbEmu issue on Firestick driving me nuts !!! Any Help please

    Hi all, I have 2 groups from my supplier which are Football Clubs and Racing which i am having an issue with on StbEmu ? When i select anything in these 2 groups only i have to wait around 5 mins for them to show and if i try chaning media player it crashes ? Once first channel loads after the...
  5. W

    Sky Movies Action, Comedy and Family HD pixelation?

    Hi guys, a Zgemma H2H which i setup for the inlaws has started to cause some pixelations to the image on sky movies action, comedy and family channels but only on HD. the sound all plays fine without any breakup but the image costantly breakup and pixelate. The splitter is the a technetix...
  6. 8valia

    ECM TIME High

    Hi guys, I have a line from a supplier and mine is working fine. My mate has a line from the same supplier but his ECM time is really high and it keeps glitching. Is this the suppliers issue or my mates issue lol? NOTE: the low ecm image is mine. And ECM images are from the same channel(sly one).
  7. C

    Sky sports 1 glitches/freeze

    I find on my openbox sky sports 1 seems to glitch/freeze for a second a lot more often than other channels. Other channels it might do it every 20mins or so just for a split second. But on ss1 it could be every 30 seconds at bad times. Any way to fix this? Tired updating tp and rescanning but no...