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    Epg tabs not working on Chabs skyNEW skin after using correct file

    Hi. Just wondering if anyone has had success with the EPG selection on Chabs' skyNEWHD skin? I have ftp to usr/lib/enigma2/python/screens renamed the Epgselection.pyo to "Epgselection-new.pyo" and then placed the Epgselection.py file from Chabs' thread in the same location. Restarted my box...
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    Hi, Looking for some help with flashing my new H9 TWIN. I cannot for the life of me find an OpenATV image that flashes my box correctly. On my old h2h it was a case of downloading from OpenATV nightly. Extract the zip. Copy Zgemma folder to USB. Plug in USB and easy days to flash the box...
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    H9 Twin Record Issues

    Hi All, Just setup a H9 Twin for my bro and he's having issues recording. ATV 6.3 Wooshbuild Internal HDD Installed updates. When trying to record either Freesat or IPTV channels, we get the Blue Circle in top left or screen. Box then does nothing. We have to manually restart the box. I've...