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    Xc lite vod

    Does any one know if it's possible to search in xc lite when using it for vod , it would be nice to search for a movie or TV show
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    Newbie help

    So I have a zgemma i55plus I have flashed using ATV and chabs sky skin installed all works a treat but when I hit the epg button on the remote it's not a sky guide , all other mini guides are fine , any ideas Thanks in advance
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    MagBox VS Zgemma. Advice/Opinions wanted!

    hi all Have an open thread in General Chat on best options/peoples opinions on MagBox’s VS Zgemmas for use soley with IPTV sub. http://www.techkings.org/threads/advice-needed-magbox-vs-zgemma-general-questions.146633/ Any advice/opinions would be greatly appreciated Thanks
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    Good Morning My friend has got a i55 box & cannot download the epg. Looking into it looks like the time is wrong if he reboots its 1am on the 1/01 if i take the box down my house it will identify the time and date correctly and will load the epg. he can watch channels but his epg is blank. he...