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  1. L

    Xc lite vod

    Does any one know if it's possible to search in xc lite when using it for vod , it would be nice to search for a movie or TV show
  2. L

    Newbie help

    So I have a zgemma i55plus I have flashed using ATV and chabs sky skin installed all works a treat but when I hit the epg button on the remote it's not a sky guide , all other mini guides are fine , any ideas Thanks in advance
  3. D

    MagBox VS Zgemma. Advice/Opinions wanted!

    hi all Have an open thread in General Chat on best options/peoples opinions on MagBox’s VS Zgemmas for use soley with IPTV sub. Any advice/opinions would be greatly appreciated Thanks
  4. J


    Good Morning My friend has got a i55 box & cannot download the epg. Looking into it looks like the time is wrong if he reboots its 1am on the 1/01 if i take the box down my house it will identify the time and date correctly and will load the epg. he can watch channels but his epg is blank. he...
  5. Black-Panther


    Hey all, Hope you're all well. New to this forum, 21 years of age and currently own a Zgemma i55 IPTV box running both Flawless and Armanda sub. This box is currently being used in the living room right next to the router, but I am going to move this into my bedroom upstairs (and make use of...